The Best Anti Aging Eye Cream: Guide + Product Roundup

The Best Anti Aging Eye Cream: Guide + Product Roundup

Are you ready to finally discover the perfect anti aging eye cream for your skin?

We’re here to help you sort through all the gimmicks and promises delivered by the beauty industry to help you find an eye cream that does what YOU need it to.

And why shouldn’t you?

Your skin isn’t just a reflection of your health – it’s your largest organ. What goes onto your skin goes into your body. And you wouldn’t put just anything on your body, so why would you put the wrong cream on your skin only to get the wrong results?

Ready to get started?

Let’s break down some of the most pervasive anti-aging skin care myths other there and then we’ll provide you with a list of products that meet the requirements.

Anti-Aging Myths Debunked

It doesn’t matter how old you are – there are anti-aging messages targeted directly at you.  Whether you’re 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60, a marketing team somewhere is developing a message to get you to buy their product – even if it won’t help you.

So how do you sort through all those messages to figure out which products really are best for your skin?

Let’s start with the biggest myth:

Anti-wrinkle creams turn back the clock to erase fine lines.

The truth, according to the Mayo Clinic, is that an anti aging cream may mask the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, but they won’t get rid of them. What should you do then? The best course of action is to prevent the damage from happening or growing worse in the first place two ways: a good moisturizer and a healthy lifestyle (that includes sunscreen).

The second myth is another idea often repeated by marketers:

Eye creams will remove dark circles from your eyes.

Beauty companies will have you believe that by injecting your eyes with caffeine and other vitamins, you can erase dark under-eye circles. This isn’t so much a myth as much as it is a half-truth. In reality, those dark circles may be a result of:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Poor diet
  • Sun damage
  • A combination of the above

Additionally, there might be an underlying health cause like allergies or anemia that might cause those circles. Because of this, eye creams may help mask the appearance of eye circles, but if they’re chronic because they’re caused by an external factor, you’ll struggle to get rid of them with a cream alone.

An anti aging eye cream might work if your circles are the result of a busy week or too many vodka tonics – and they’re very worthwhile for those occasions – but they might not work if your circles are caused by an iron deficiency.

Finally, there’s this old chestnut:

Your skin becomes wrinkly because it’s unhealthy.

There’s nothing you can do to completely prevent wrinkles. Even if you moisturize, wear sunscreen, and are perpetually hydrated, your skin will suffer a loss of 1% in collagen production every year of your life. Collagen helps keep your skin looking youthful and supple – and a lack of collagen eventually results in wrinkles.

These beauty myths are important because even thou

What Does This Mean for Eye Creams?

These beauty myths don’t mean that eye creams don’t work – many do. But instead of falling hook, line, and sinker for targeted advertising, it’s important to read between the lines and find an eye cream that will work for what your skin really needs.

Here are three things we look for in an anti-aging cream that helps separate the gimmicks from the real thing:

  • Moisturizing properties
  • Natural ingredients
  • Added collagen


A cream’s moisturizing prowess will help prevent further damage to your skin. Natural ingredients avoid allowing chemicals from doing unnecessary damage or entering your bloodstream. Finally, the added collagen supplements the loss of collagen you suffer each year.

So, stop worrying about those gimmicks and instead focus on prevention with the added benefits of helping discoloration, healing fine lines, and protecting your skin with botanicals rather than harsh chemicals.

Our Favorite Anti Aging Eye Creams

We’ve put together a full list of our favorite anti aging eye creams for different needs. Keep scrolling to find yours.

Dark, Puffy Eyes? Try Sunday Riley Auto Correct

Sunday Riley makes only one eye cream – Auto Correct.

It doesn’t necessarily have the moisturizing properties we look for, but the company’s use of natural ingredients to target dark circles occurring as a result of lack of sleep or allergies are a huge hit.

Auto Correct uses caffeine, lutein, and horse chestnut to brighten your undereye area and decompress the puffiness under your eyes.

Caffeine works to stimulate your blood vessels and encourage blood flow, which should help remove some of the darkness. Lutein, an antioxidant most commonly associated with eye health, is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps decrease puffiness.

The horse chestnut is sometimes used to treat poor blood circulation. It’s sometimes used to treat varicose veins. So, it serves as an added bonus for deflating those bags and returning your lower lids to their natural color.

Want to Fight Aging? Try Shiseido

Shiseido’s Sun Protection Eye Cream provides double the action as both a hydrating and moisturizing eye cream and a sunscreen to protect your eyes.

The moisturizing effect keeps your skin young and supple to prevent wrinkles and the sunscreen ensures you don’t end up with fine lines or discolored lids as a result of sun damage.

Why do we love it?

It’s one of the few eye creams that take the role of the sun on aging into consideration by providing all-day coverage. Plus, you can wear it with your makeup.

Head to the Hydration Station – Eve Lom

Everyone needs a good moisturizer and finding a moisturizing eye cream is harder and harder because of all the other extras manufacturers add to their products.

Eve Lom provides a cream with a texture akin to taking an afternoon nap on a fluffy cloud. The cream includes the hyper-moisturizer shea butter for extra hydration action.

We like it because it’s simple and light. You also don’t need much to see the magic, which allows you to make the most of this luxury product.

More Hydration – Olay Eyes

Olay are pharmacy skin care experts, and its Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel is no exception.

This gel is designed for those of us whose skin suffers from own failure to hydrate properly. By targeting your eyes directly with a bomb of hydration, which is absorbed quickly, you’ll look wide awake even when you’d rather be asleep.

We aren’t a fan of some of the lab ingredients found in Olay products. However, this product has some natural ingredients that help it overcome. The cucumber extract, pro-vitamin B5, and hyaluronic acid are all perfect for fast hydration when you need it most.

Our favorite part of this product is the application: while some creams are just sticky, this gel is both gummy and cooling. It’s the product you reach for when you’ve woken up from an otherwise restful night for a bit of soothing action.

Brand New – Belief Moisturizing Eye Bomb

Belief’s Moisturizing Eye Bomb is new to the market for 2017 and it is a favorite anti-aging eye cream among celebrities.

This eye cream provides both a burst of moisture and ingredients designed to boost elasticity (where your collagen production fails.

The active ingredient in Belief’s cream is comfrey leaf – and it shows. Comfrey leaf is traditionally used to treat wounds by encouraging healing and preventing scars. It also improves moisture and prevents flaking and works as an anti-inflammatory.

Our favorite part of this product is that it doubles as an eye cream and a makeup primer to combine two steps in one.

Beat Beauty Myths and Find the Perfect Eye Cream

You don’t need a product that tackles every skin problem in one to find a great eye cream. Why? Because many of these products rely on beauty myths for sales.

Your skin is your largest organ and it requires as much attention as the rest of your body if you want it to shine. It also presents some of the same issues your other organs show – sometimes what’s happening to your skin is a sign of something else occurring in your body and it’s not something a cream can fix.

Still, finding a hydrating cream that promotes elasticity and prevents damage is the best way to protect your skin while brightening up your appearance. We’ve shown you some of our favorites here – which one will you try?

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