Clinique All About Eyes Cream

Clinique All About Eyes Cream

Clinique is a department store staple that has managed to cross generations and remain popular among new consumers and those with older favorites.

Its 3-Step Skin Care System revolutionized the way we think about beauty by pioneering the cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize routine.

But do all of Clinique’s products work as advertised?

We’re not convinced. Let’s dig deeper into Clinique’s signature All About Eyes cream to see why we’ve given it 5/10 stars.

Who Is Clinique All About Eyes For Anyway?

Clinique created their eye cream to diminish puffiness and those baggy undereye circles. It’s not a night cream per say because it complements your eye makeup and keeps it in place.

It’s for anyone who suffers from:

  • Puffiness
  • Dryness
  • Dark circles

There are a few other things you need to know about this eye cream that may mean it’s a different product from what you’d expect.

When most of us think of eye creams, we think of heavy-duty moisturizers and thick, whipped creams.

Clinique’s All About Eyes cream is lightweight and it feels thin both on your fingers and on your face. Its light weight is what allows it to be suitable for day and night use by holding your makeup in place.

How Does It Work?

It’s an eye cream, but what does that mean for your skin? Here are the three things Clinique says to expect from this eye cream.

All About Eyes is supposed to reduce the appearance of the dark circles under your eyes by lightening the color of the circles.

Two ingredients were added specifically to tackle the dark appearance of the circles. We’ll get to that in the ingredients section.

It is also supposed to reduce the puffiness of the circles using anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Because it’s not enough that the circles under your eyes are dark – they need to be swollen, too, right? The main active ingredient in Clinique’s All About Eyes cream is an anti-inflammatory.

Finally, it soothes and moisturizes to help prevent and reduce the fine lines around your eyes.

The product is heavily based on commonly used, lab-based moisturizing ingredients to help keep your skin light and dewy.

Active Ingredients – What Makes It Tick?

Clinique’s All About Eyes is part moisturizer and part anti-inflammatory.

Several common ingredients in the beauty industry are added to work as moisturizing agents including butylene glycol, cholesterol tocopheryl acetate, and glycerine.

One of the most interesting products included in the product is Scutellariabaicalensis root extract, which also serves as the active ingredient for attacking puffiness. The root itself has been used in Chinese medicine to treat inflammation for thousands of years.

To be honest, adding these esoteric ingredients into beauty products is the bread and butter of the beauty industry. But it also detracts from how easy it is to assess Clinique’s product if we’re not told exactly how the active ingredients are designed to work so we can look for the intended effects.

Instead of focusing on these common moisturizing agents, let’s focus on the most active ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Linoleic Acid
  • Caffeine
  • Mulberry Root Extract
  • Dimethicone

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is a popular health and beauty product because green tea leaves are chock full of antioxidants that are good for both your skin and your overall health. In this case, the green tea extract would be added to help target toxins or radicals that might cause your skin to age faster than you’d like.

In effect, green tea provides an anti-aging effect we’re all looking for.

Linoleic Acid

Linoleic acid is a moisturizing agent that has the added benefit of working as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Caffeine is a chemical often added to beauty products because it helps reduce puffiness and makes you appear more awake than you may feel at that moment. Caffeine should help Clinique’s All About Eye cream by doing two things. First, it targets your blood vessels by freeing up the constricted areas that allow the blood to create the appearance of dark circles.

You’ve also probably heard people refer to caffeine as a diuretic. This means that caffeine causes you to lose fluids – if you don’t replace those fluids or you drink too much caffeine, you may become dehydrated.

Caffeine does the same thing for your eyes. Rather than dehydrating them, though, the caffeine should prevent excess moisture from building up and causing puffiness.

Mulberry Root Extract

Mulberry root extract is sometimes used in beauty products to lighten the skin, which would help reduce the dark appearance of the bags under your eyes.


Dimethicone is used to reduce the appearance of those fine lines and in some cases large pores. It’s a silicone based product that creates a matte look when you apply it to your eyes. It’s not only used for these properties: it makes the texture of the cream easier and more pleasant to apply.

What Do These Ingredients Really Mean?

These ingredients aren’t revolutionary. In fact, many of them have been used in various forms of medicine for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

These ingredients are included in beauty products because they’re known to remove puffiness and reduce the overall appearance of under eye bags.

However, these ingredients, while found to have benefits, aren’t what Clinique relies on to achieve its results. It still relies heavily on the esoteric, man-made moisturizing ingredients to achieve any kind of results.

Additionally, some of the active ingredients aren’t going to help all kinds of under eye circles.

For example, if you have dark under eye circles because you have uneven pigmentation in your eye area, then the mulberry root and Scutellaria might help lighten the skin and even your skin tone.

However, these cosmetic approaches may also fail to work on dark spots depending on the cause of the dark spots. When the spots are caused by hormonal fluctuations, you may find they continue appearing regardless of what creams and potions you apply. These creams are meant to be topical – not fix the underlying causes of skin conditions.

All About Eyes Has a Stellar Reputation But…

When we picked up a jar of All About Eyes, we did so while knowing that this is one of the most beloved eye creams on the market.

It has been the recipient of a Best of Beauty Award in Allure and won the Allure Readers’ Choice Awards nine times in the past twenty years.

This is the incredible consistency Clinique has become known for since it hit the market in 1968.

So, why don’t we love it as much as some readers do?

Although it’s a joy to apply and its moisturizing properties do the trick, the added ingredients only target the surface of what may cause under eye bags.

Now, no one is saying Clinique offers a bad product. It could work well for those whose dark eye circles are the result of one too many late nights or short periods of stress.

Only got 4 hours of sleep last night? Maybe you had one too many gin and tonics at a cocktail party. Apply some All About Eyes at night and again in the morning during your normal beauty routine for a perky, matte look.

(This is definitely where the silicone-based ingredients come in).

However, All About Eyes is, for many of us, a temporary fix and more akin to a band-aid, particularly if you have serious, persistent under eye circles.

The Silicone Hurts Its Value

For us, the reliance on silicone (both cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone) hurts the product’s credibility. The silicone masks some fine lines and helps deliver the dimethicone to your skin. But it can also lead to unintended effects like causing milia, which are small white bumps, to occur under your eyes.

If you have sensitive skin, this product may not be well suited to you because Cyclopentasiloxane is more likely to clog your pores than almost any other beauty product ingredient when you already have acne prone skin.

Give Your Skin the TLC It Deserves

Clinique’s All About Eyes eye cream is a good eye cream – it will brighten, lighten, and lift mild cases of under eye bags. But it’s hard to expect miracles from an eye cream alone, especially an eye cream that only tackles the surface causes of dark circles.

That’s why we’ve given Clinique’s All About Eyes cream five out of 10 stars.

It’s a lovely eye cream for some, but there are better products out there if your current battle against dark eye circles is only the latest in a long war for better skin.

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