Eye Serums vs Eye Creams: Which Work Better? (And what I recommend)

Eye Serums vs Eye Creams: Which Work Better? (And what I recommend)

serum-vs-creamIf you have dark circles or puffiness under your eyes, or crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, you might be wondering which work best at minimizing these problems: eye serums or eye creams.

Which works better?

There is a bewildering array of both eye creams and eye serums that claim to address problems around the eyes. They either minimize the appearance of  bags, dark circles and wrinkles using moisturizers …. or get rid of them entirely by rebuilding the skin cells.

So, what to do? How do you know which to buy? Which one will work best for your specific problem? What’s the difference between eye serums and eye creams, anyway?

All of these are good and valid questions, so you might appreciate some answers before you make a buying decision and purchase an eye serum or eye cream.

The Difference Between Eye Serums and Eye Creams

In a nutshell … nothing.

That’s right. Zip. Zero. Nada. For all intents and purposes, eye serums and eye creams are the same thing and will work (or not work) the same way.

Eye serums, in general, tend to be a little more viscous and not as thick as eye creams. They will be found in tubes or droppers that you will apply directly to the affected area, rather than rubbing it on with your fingers.

Other than that, you will find with research that the ingredients are pretty much the same for serums and creams and that they all more or less purport to do the same thing.

So, then, why are some products called eye serums while others are called eye creams?

It might be a marketing thing and a company thinking that “serum” sounds more scientific and official than plain old garden variety cream. The very word serum just sounds more technologically advanced, doesn’t it? Sort of reminds you of truth serum or a serum to cure a disease or something medical sounding along those lines.

But, eye creams are just as effective as eye serums and the only real difference is in the name.

About Buying Eye Serums and Creams

Do eye serums and creams work to help reduce under eye puffiness, minimize dark circles under your eyes and/or improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes?

Some do and some don’t.

How do you know which eye serum to buy?

Here are a few tips about buying eye serums:

  • Do your homework. This means research into various eye serums that say they can help with your particular eye problem. Some eye serums are geared more toward improving crow’s feet and wrinkles, while others are designed to help improve bags and dark circles.
  • Once you have narrowed it down to a few products that seem to be focused on your eye problems, look at the ingredients in each product. Research the main ingredients to find out what each one is and what effects it is supposed to have. This will also help to save you from an allergic reaction in the event there is an ingredient in one of the eye serums that you know you’re allergic to.
  • Find out how readily available the various eye serums are and where you can buy them. Some eye serums are available only from the manufacturer’s website. Others are sold in a variety of big box mass retailers and drugstores, as well as online at sites such as Amazon (but careful of fakes!) Some people like to go to an actual physical store to buy a beauty product, while other shoppers vastly prefer the convenience of shopping online and getting delivery directly to your door.
  • Read product reviews and testimonials of the eye serums that you are considering buying. These can be quite revealing. For example, if one person says that the product has a funky smell, you might take it with a grain of salt. But if this is a recurring theme in quite a few reviews…take heed! It probably really does have an unpleasant odor.

Buying eye creams follows the same guidelines as shopping around for eye serums.

Which is Better to Apply: Serums or Creams?

This is a question without a clear cut, definitive answer.

There are those who swear by a certain eye serum and others who are equally passionate about their eye creams. The one you choose will depend on your particular needs, your budget and what others who have used it had to say about it.

There are serums formulated specifically for wrinkles … serums for dark circles … serums strictly for under eye puffiness … and the same applies to eye creams.

You can find eye creams that are slanted toward one specific problem area, the same as eye serums.

Regardless of whether you choose eye serums or eye creams, be sure to choose a product that is made to address your problem and you will be more likely to be happy and satisfied with it.


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