How to Minimize Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

How to Minimize Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

tired eyes can be revivedAre you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing Rocky Raccoon staring back at you? Are you interested in finding out how to minimize those bags under your eyes?

We’ve probably all had those days when our puffy eyes seemed to dominate our entire face, making us look tired or worse yet – sick.

If you have more of those days than you would like to, take heart! There are things you can do to help minimize those dark circles under your eyes.

First of all, it might help you to gain a good understanding of what causes these blemishes.

Causes of Dark Under Eye Circles

The scientific name for dark under eye circles is periorbital hyperpigmentation.

In other words, an excess of pigment, or color, under your eyes.

In the majority of cases, they are a result of blood capillaries just beneath the skin being visible. This can be due to a number of reasons and is more prevalent in some people than others.

For instance, have you ever noticed that some people are more prone than others? While some of us might only have bags under our eyes every now and then, there is a small but unfortunate group where this is a chronic condition.

So, what causes them for those people, and the rest of us who only get them occasionally, as well?

Here are the most common causes:

  • Allergies – One of the effects of being allergic to something, usually something environmental such as pollen or dust, is that allergy sufferers often develop these eye circles. It isn’t known exactly why allergies cause them, but many doctors believe it is due to the allergy sufferer having itchy eyes and rubbing the eye area; thus breaking the capillaries that lie beneath the skin.
  • Heredity – Your tired eyes might have been passed down to you by a relative, as there is lots of evidence that it may be a genetic trait.
  • Exposure to Sun – Sunlight causes your body to produce more melanin, which is the pigment that actually gives your skin its color. This can also affect the color under your eyes by stepping up the pigmentation.
  • Age – Sadly, one of the things that can make you look tired than your feel is the thinning of your skin and the loss of collagen and subcutaneous fat. When there isn’t as much between your blood vessels (capillaries) and your outer layer of skin, the vessels become more noticeable.
  • Irregular Pigmentation – This can be a real concern and is especially pronounced in people of color, such as Asians and blacks.
  • Lifestyle – Lack of sleep, smoking, poor diet, excessive alcohol, drug use, even stress … all of these lifestyle factors can give your eyes that droopy, tired look.

Can You Get Rid of Under Eye Dark Circles?

Depending on the cause, you might be able to minimize them or even get rid of them completely.

For instance, if your daily routine includes staying up watching the Late, Late Late Show until the wee hours of the morning and then grabbing what amounts to a short nap instead of a good night’s sleep of at least 7-8 hours … start going to bed earlier. This will remove a lot of pressure on your eyes and skin.

If you do recreational drugs, drink alcohol excessively, eat a poor diet with insufficient vitamins, minerals and nutrients … more healthy lifestyle changes will strengthen your skin and make you look healthier all around – read this article for diet-related prevention.

Avoid known allergens and not staying out in the sun for over long periods since this can make your skin worse.

Dark circles due to age, heredity or irregularities in pigmentation are tougher, but this is where creams and serums specialize in rebuilding your skin. You probably won’t be able to totally eradicate them, but you can minimize their appearance by following a few of the tips shown below.

How to Minimize Your Eye Circles

Here are some pointers that might help you minimize the appearance of the circles under your eyes:

  • Laser Therapy – A last resort for most people and not always successful.
  • Makeup – This is covering up the problem, but if your dark circles aren’t too bad, it may work.
  • Cold Compress – Apply a cold, used tea bag, two cold teaspoons, a bag of frozen corn or peas wrapped in a soft cloth or a cold compress to your under eye area. This reduces the enlarged and discolored blood vessels.
  • If nasal congestion from allergies is the culprit, try flushing your sinuses every night with a salt water solution of one-fourth sea salt and two cups of warm water, or use an over the counter saline rinse.
  • Skin Creams – There are a lot of skin creams and serums that claim to work at minimizing dark circles under the eyes. The ones with an astringent can probably help by reducing puffiness and shrinking capillaries just under the skin. Also, those using natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and C will help you develop healthier and firmer skin.

If you do use a skin cream, you will probably still want to use a concealer to camouflage the circles and minimize their appearance.

If you have tried some of these tips and suggestions and seen an improvement, please let us know! Have your own tip? Let us know below!

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