How To Make An Oatmeal Face Mask

How To Make An Oatmeal Face Mask

With so many of the more expensive face masks being given credit on social media, it is hard to believe that something as simple as an oatmeal face mask can be so effective and make your skin feel so great. Everyone has seen the social media videos of the charcoal face masks that seem incredibly effective but really painful. Oatmeal face masks have the benefit of being great for your skin in a more gentle way.


 What are the benefits of oatmeal face mask?

oatmeal face mask


One of the main benefits of an oatmeal face mask is that Oatmeal is easy to find and it is really easy to make. Oatmeal has a number of different health benefits when you eat it and also when you apply it topically.


 Amino Acids


Oatmeal contains around 18 different amino acids which help promote healthy skin. They do this in a number of ways like rebuilding tissue and promoting healing. Amino acids are the building blocks of the skin so even when an ingredient like Oatmeal is applied topically they get to work repairing your skin and making it look younger.




Oatmeal is hypoallergenic and has a number of skin-soothing properties. If you suffer from a skin condition like eczema then you could benefit from using a regular Oatmeal face mask. It is a little-known fact that an Oatmeal face mask can also help allergic reactions and sunburns because of this property.




One of the main things that make skin start to look bad is when it starts to lose its moisture. This happens for a number of reasons and although it is part of the aging process there can be factors that make this happen to younger people as well. Oatmeal face masks are very moisturizing and when used regularly can keep skin healthy and stop it from drying out.




Because the texture of Oatmeal is quite ‘gravelly’ it works as a great exfoliant. Exfoliation scrubs away dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new skin underneath. Using an Oatmeal face mask on a regular basis. Once hit 40 as a woman your skin stops doing this as naturally so it is a great addition to a skin care routine to help things along.


 Milk and Oatmeal face mask recipe


Because milk shares soothing properties with Oatmeal the two products compliment each other perfectly when combined in a face mask. In this recipe, you get all of the benefits of Oatmeal face mask and benefit from the milk in addition to this. It is also super simple to make and will last a couple of days if you keep it in the fridge.




– Rolled oats

– Milk (preferably whole or 2%)

– Cinnamon


Cinnamon is an optional addition to this face mask, but cinnamon has been proven in the past to stop acne-causing bacteria. If one of the reasons for using an Oatmeal face mask is to clear up your skin then it is definitely worth adding cinnamon.


 How to make the Oatmeal face mask


To make this face mask you will need to complete the following steps:


1) Measure out one whole tablespoon of the rolled oats into a mixing bowl.

2) Add two tablespoons of milk to the mixture in the bowl.

3) If you are adding cinnamon, add 1/4 of a teaspoon of this in now. Do not add too much cinnamon as this will overpower the milk and Oatmeal mixture.

4) Stir until the mixture is even.


 To use


To use this Oatmeal face mask apply it to a clean face and leave for 5 – 10 minutes. If the face mask becomes itchy or uncomfortable then remove it as soon as possible.


 Coconut Oil and Oatmeal face mask recipe


Coconut oil, like Oatmeal, is another natural product that has a number of different uses for health and wellness. When combining the two together you can make a face mask that helps acne-prone skin without drying it out. Many acne products on the market contain ingredients like salicylic acid that is effective against acne but also drys the skin out terribly. This face mask is a lot more gentle and can help acne if used regularly.




– Coconut oil

– Oatmeal

– Warm water


 How to make the coconut oil and Oatmeal face mask


– Put 1/4 of warm water into a mixing bowl.

– Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and stir this in so it melts. The oil will float on the water but do not worry about this too much.

– Pour in 3 tablespoons of Oatmeal into the mixture.

– Mix together until a paste is formed.


 To use


Apply the paste to your face and leave on for 5 – 10 minutes. As the mixture is made up of all natural products you can leave this on for longer if you wish to but if you start to suffer from any irritation take it off.


 Will an Oatmeal face mask work for me?


The products that you can add in with Oatmeal are really versatile so you can create a tailored Oatmeal face mask for any type of skin. If your skin is dry you can just add another moisturizing product or if you suffer from acne you can add something like cinnamon to stop the inflammation. Most people are at least able to find 1 or 2 recipes that work really well for them that they are able to use all of the time.


 How much will an Oatmeal face mask cost?


Oatmeal is a relatively cheap product and anything else that you are going to add to your face mask is also likely to be a household product. People have been utilizing household products to make beauty products for many years but it is only recently that people have discovered the great benefits of using Oatmeal for your face. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of Oatmeal can work to calm down outbreaks of acne or skin conditions and the moisturizing properties can help to sooth.


 How long can I keep an Oatmeal face mask?


Oatmeal itself does not tend to go bad, but the other products that you add in to the face mask like milk may have a really short shelf life. Check this out before you make and store your face mask and only keep for as long as each individual product recommends.

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