Gentlemen. Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Use This Eye Cream

Gentlemen. Dark Circles Under Your Eyes? Use This Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes tells the story of your face – the skin around your eyes shows your age, deserves your care, and just needs a little bit of TLC to look good. You don’t have to commit to a massive routine at the end of the day but instead, swipe the cream on below your eyes to get lasting results.


Don’t agonize over the right solution. When you focus on your biggest under eye issue, stick to the right ingredients, and apply it properly, your under eyes are going to look better than ever. There are some great products available right at your favorite grocery store or online retailer.


Do Men Wear Eye Cream?

You aren’t alone in wanting to take care of your appearance and move forward in feeling good about yourself. In fact, in the past few years, male-specific products have accounted for new products launched in the beauty and skin care sector. According to The Independent, male grooming sales are growing throughout both men’s beauty and grooming. The top markets for men’s toiletries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Korea.


Don’t allow the effects of neglect to show up on your face and stay ahead of the curve with the right eye cream! Remember, the area around your eyes ages quickly and at a young age. A supercharged eye cream can transform your look!


Eye Cream for Men that Already Use Moisturizers

For people committed to a lifetime of routine, it seems like there are endless creams you can apply to preserve your face’s youthful look. Moisturizers are a great baseline product to use but it doesn’t suit the skin around your eyes. Eye creams are more abundant in nutrients, tends to be lightweight, and often combats dark circles.


Just don’t go near your eyes with moisturizer, add the eye cream to the area nearest your lashes, and then go from there. It doesn’t add any time to your routine for the long-term benefit of refreshed looking eyes.


Do You Need Eye Cream?

Not every person needs an eye cream to achieve the look they want. If you aren’t experiencing dryness around your eyes, don’t see any signs of aging or wrinkles, or you think you are doing well with no eye cream, you might not need it.


Just remember, the eye area shows skin that is dry and formulas explicitly made for the eyes are most effective.


Where Do You Start with Eye Cream Selection?

The skin around your eyes is different than the skin on the rest of your face. Because it is thin and fragile, the skin around your eyes is susceptible to getting dry. The skin around your eyes continually moves, as you blink, squint, and cause it to wrinkle. Your eyes also can collect fluid, which causes otherwise uncommon puffiness.


Identify your biggest problem, or what issue you want to solve, and then you can start figuring out what eye cream to get. The most common issues identified among men include:


  • All Skin Types: No matter who you are, you need sun protection surrounding your under-eye area, the sooner you start using, the better.
  • Wrinkles or Lines Around Your Eyes: It is only natural for you to see lines surrounding your eyes, some look deeper than others. Filling in the look of those lines and wrinkles and giving your skin a brighter look is possible with the right product.
  • Dark Circles or Puffiness Under the Eyes: Even if you try to get rid of fluid under your eyes, sometimes it is a genetic issue. There are rollers and creams that diminish the look of circles with ingredients like mint, caffeine, and Vitamin C.
  • Dry Skin: As mentioned, dry skin around your eyes happens because it is thin and fragile. You know skin is dry if you notice flakes and severe irritation. Creams to correct this are thicker than regular moisturizers for maximum hydration.
  • Allergies: For allergy sufferers, eye cream selection should involve a physician or the help of a pharmacist. There are hypo-allergenic options with ingredients and no irritants.


As a general rule, each decade of life has a different set of aging concerns. If you are in your 20s and 30s, look for eye protection and sun damage prevention. Men in their 40s and 50s should look for retinol to keep skin bright and healthy. For guys in their 60s or higher, you need maximum wrinkle-fighting ability with deep moisturizing properties.


The Top Ingredients in Effective Eye Creams

Look for the top ingredients in effective eye creams in the selection of your new skin product. At least one of these should be in your eye cream to maximize effectiveness for dark circles under the eyes.


If you are skimming products online, you are likely to at least some of these ingredient names on the list. The thinnest skin on your body will thank you for applying this face cream:



Retinol is a top ingredient in eye creams because it is proven in its ability to stimulate cell turnover. Every eye cream worth applying to your face needs to have retinol in it. It strengthens skins, limits age spots, decreases lines, and boosts collagen production.


Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. For some users. It does increase sun sensitivity, so you see it in night creams. You also might notice an increase in skin dryness.


Vitamin C

Known for its ability to boost collagen production and encourage elastin, this vitamin is anti-aging. (It is commonly combined with Vitamin E for soothing the skin and protecting against UV rays). The properties of vitamins A, C, and E, all do well in face creams.


Suitable for those with sensitive skin, creams with neuropeptides boost collagen growth and the production of elastin in the body. It is a bit gentler on the surface, although it is not as strong as retinol. Studies in clinical trials and focus groups have found neuropeptides to be highly efficient.

Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides

When it comes to plumping up your skin cells, hyaluronic acid takes the moisture from the air and boosts your skin’s plumpness. Ceramides help maintain hydration, so the two combine for a double function of plumping and hydrating.


What to Avoid When Buying Eye Cream

Just like you need to know what to avoid when buying a piece of fruit at the store, you also need to know what to avoid with eye cream. There are a few general rules to follow when purchasing eye cream.


In general, especially for daytime, buy a product with SPF to protect you from sun damage. If you find a great product that does not give you sun coverage, just apply your regular eye cream with a small tiny layer of moisturizer. Gels work well in the morning while creams do best at night.


Because it is the area surrounding your eyes, any fragrance may lead to severe irritation. Play it safe and stick to a fragrance-free solution when you are making a purchase.

Be realistic about what you expect from your eye product. There is no miracle solution on the market, and if there was, your wife would know about it! A great eye cream corrects the texture on your skin, smooths, brightens, and firms.

How to Apply Eye Cream

Already have an end of the day routine? Just add on the last one or two steps of this sequence to your routine. Don’t have a habit yet? Start with these steps when applying any product to your face:


  1. Wash your face thoroughly; this removes any substances from your face
  2. Pat your face dry (some eye creams are more efficient with damp skin; the specific product will indicate)
  3. Use a small amount, about a pea-sized drop, for application under the eyes. Too much product doesn’t soak into the skin.
  4. Use your finger or a Q-tip for implementation, this eliminates rubbing your skin.
  5. Tap the surface under your eyes lightly to stimulate circulation. It takes about 15 minutes for creams to soak into the skin, so staying indoors during this period is recommended.


Ready to Take the Plunge?

Buying eye cream doesn’t have to be scary. With the right focus on your primary problem and the ingredients, you want to see in your cream, choosing cream is easy. Remember to focus on correcting your most significant issue and look for results based on that.


Stick with your new routine, and you might convert to eye cream for life! Start now, and you might stop crow’s feet from showing up before they even show up. This healthy habit gives you a youthful look and boosts your confidence too!

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