How To Prevent Frown Lines

How To Prevent Frown Lines

Facial frown lines and wrinkles form because of various reasons including the process of natural aging, sun damage, gravity, general muscle movement, surgery, smoking, acne among other skin conditions that result in scars. When the dermis experiences irregular thickening, there is a development of fine lines. Static or dynamic lines are the development of furrows or thicker lines. These result because of movements such as frowning or smiling. Dynamic lines eventually turn static. Static lines never change even with the flow of muscle. Fine lines are such as the worry lines appearing on the forehead, the crowfeet around one’s eyes as well as the frown lines appearing between one’s eyebrows.

Fine Lines Classifications

Four classifications exist according to Glogau’s classification.

  • Mild – Few fine lines or wrinkles that require little makeup
  • Moderate – Early wrinkles signs or a sallow wrinkles or fine lines that need some makeup
  • Advanced – Persistent wrinkling that requires specialized makeup
  • Severe – Fine lines occur all over the face. Furrows and wrinkles arise throughout the front and no makeup can sufficiently cover them up.

Causes of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

frown lines

Some of the reasons include laughter and smiling. These two cause crowfeet to appear and develop around the outer corners of one’s eyes. This results because of repeated movement of the muscle. Squinting is also another cause of crowfeet. Many people notice the first aging signs around their eyes. Sun damage also leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Because of this, people should always wear sunscreen to avoid the skin damage caused by the sun. The area on your face that is most susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles is around your eyes since it is the thinnest skin all over your body.

Preventative Methods

Use Moisturizer

There are controversies about whether dry skin is another cause of wrinkles. Some research does suggest that dry skin causes wrinkles. However, many experts disagree with this. Nevertheless, it is good to use a good moisturizer as this helps in keeping your skin healthy and fresh. This can furthermore help in preventing wrinkles. It is vital to ensure that your skin is always moisturized no matter your age. Thus, moisturizing is one of the best remedy for wrinkles. Notably, moisturizing has but a temporary effect of ensuring that your skin is kept supple. It will ultimately result in the formation of fine lines. Many experts believe that Retinoids are the best remedy for anti-aging. These work through ensuring an increase in the turnover of cells deep within your dermis. Thus, from the use of this prescription, you will receive the best results. They can be accessed over-the-counter.

Reduce Worrying or Frowning

Additionally, since frown lines are mostly a result of frowning or worrying a lot, it is essential to reduce the amount of glaring. You can minimize frown lines by reducing the number of times you show frowning or worrying facial expressions, since worrying or frowning results in muscle movement, which as mentioned before results in the formation of frown lines. Another way to reduce frown lines is through the application of a facial cream with turmeric. It will also help to forehead wrinkles on the face. Moreover, this helps in the ridding of the body aging spots. Turmeric has antioxidants, which helps to reduce frown lines as well as getting rid of aging spots. Notably, as one ages, particles, which are known as the free radicals end up damaging the cell membranes, killing cells as well as tampering with DNA. Thus, the application of antioxidants helps in the neutralization of the free radicals. It can also help in fighting the natural process of aging and is one of the best way to reduce forehead wrinkles. Turmeric also helps in reducing swelling.

Skin Care

It is important to note that the skincare steps that you take in your 20s and your 30s ultimately are the most vital ones since they help in the determination of how well your skin ages. Also, it is essential to make sure that you stay out of excessive sun exposure since it is the most significant prevention option possible. Another thing that you need to do is avoid smoking as it results in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. A combination of smoking and sun damage leads to an increase in the chances you have to develop wrinkles by ten times more. Dermatologists believe that the utilization of anti-aging beauty products during your 20s wont help your skin as much as it would after the age of 40, because your skin already has its elasticity and nutrients to keep it from developing wrinkles and frown lines.

Use Skin Proteins

To prevent premature aging, you can make use of skin proteins such as Elastin and Collagen since they are central to ensuring that your skin is kept feeling and looking not only youthful but also healthy. As you age, the rate at which the mentioned proteins among others replenish in your skin faces or undergoes incredible reduction and this makes your skin become not only less stretchy but also adaptable since your skin loses the natural elasticity it has. Hence, this leads to the increment of the chances that you have of developing frown lines and ultimately making them become increasingly more profound and therefore, remaining visible on your skin even after the application of makeup. Thus, this means that at this time, even the use of powder cannot help.

Change Lifestyle

You can also prevent frown lines through the change of lifestyle. It is vital to understand that the volume loss of facial and skin changes due to the expected as well as predicted natural aging cannot be altered completely. However, through the utilization of various lifestyle factors, then there is a possibility of addressing the underlying factors of aging as well as leading to the reduction of increased and severe frown lines. Moreover, it can help in delaying the occurrence of frown lines.

Reduce Squinting

You can begin by breaking the frowning habit that you may have developed. As mentioned, frown lines are a result of frowning or worrying a lot since during frowning or worrying your muscles contract and thus, result in the folding of your skin. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to ensure the prevention of frown lines is through keeping your upper muscles in your face relaxed. Additionally, this can help in preventing the frown lines from becoming worse than they already might be. Moreover, it is better if you can be aware of the number of times or about the times, you, excessively frown. This will help you to stop yourself consciously. Additionally, it is good if you end squinting every single time you use a computer or read a book. If you always do this, then you will need to see an optician to perform an eye test on you for him or her to give you directive on the corrective glasses or contact lenses that you need to stop squinting. Additionally, if you spend a considerable amount of your time outdoors, then you might be looking in a bid to avoid the sun. Thus, it is vital to wear sunglasses as it may help in the reduction of this habit.

Furthermore, it is vital you ensure that your diet is full of antioxidants. Thus, your diet must consist of fresh fruits, vitamins, vegetables, minerals among other rich nutrients as this helps in giving your skin an increased supply of antioxidants. Antioxidants help your skin not only in repairing but also in maintaining itself through getting rid of harmful radicals among other dangerous atoms in the surface.


Finally, yet importantly, it is right for you to keep away from environmental stressors that build up in your skin for years and ultimately make your skin dull as well as aged and dehydrated. You can do this only by building the antioxidants sources in your diet to protect your skin. Thus, your lifestyle determines whether fine lines or wrinkles will form on your face.

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