SkinMedica TNS Eye Cream 3-Pack Review

SkinMedica TNS Eye Cream 3-Pack Review

SkinMedica TNS Essential SerumIf you are shopping around, trying to decide on a serious skin care regimen to restore a youthful glow to your skin, you’re bound to run across SkinMedica’s line of products.

As skin care products go, this company has an illustrious pedigree.

The founder of the company, Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, is a world renowned dermatologist whose body of work in dermatology during the past 30 years earned him special recognition by the popular Allure magazine, which referred to him as a beauty industry visionary and one of the world’s doctors who has most influenced the world of beauty products.

SkinMedica has three types of eye serums, all which work by a patented, unique combination of ingredients that improve the look of wrinkles and fine lines, improve the texture and tone of your skin, smoothing and brightening. They are:

Uplifting Eye Serum – smooths and tightens the skin around the eyes, reduces puffiness

TNS Eye Repair® – improves the appearance of fine lines, reduces dark circles, replenishes skin

TNS Illuminating Eye Cream® – reduces the appearance of dark circles, improves skin firmness

What’s in These Products?

So, what exactly is in SkinMedica’s line of eye care products?

Unlike most other eye creams, TNS Eye Repair and TNS Illuminating Eye Cream uses a very advanced formula that justifies its high price tag – “Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media.”

What’s that?

Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media.

These are stem cells derived from the adult tissue, other animal sources, and plants. As of this writing, no beauty product uses other animal sources – only human or plant. Though SkinMedica doesn’t exactly say where the cells are derived from, they most likely come from adult adipose (fat) connective cells.

Technicians take these cells (purified and cleansed, of course), which are then cloned and replicated in a petri dish, along with other sugars and amino acids (this is the “conditioned media”). Some skin creams only use the conditioned media, not the cells themselves.


Fibroblasts are the connections between skin cells that help to grow new skin, like collagen.

The theory goes that creating a compound that mimics this human growth tissue should stabilize and regenerate skin – that is, it should “reverse the signs of aging.” (The holy grail of any skin product.) It replicates what our skin does naturally at a younger age – greater regeneration and rejuvenation capabilities.

But does it work?

Yes, it does work. Actually, it’s been used to treat burn victims for about a decade, helping them regrow their skin. So it isn’t some expensive marketing gimmick or unethical Frankenstein ingredient.

It’s also used in an FDA-approved product called DermaGraft, used for diabetics to close and heal wounds.

If you come across the word “TNS” in any of SkinMedica’s products, it refers to this conditioned media (Tissue Nutrient Solution).

These creams also have:

  • Peptides – Help support the foundation of your skin
  • Antioxidants – Work to counteract free radicals from the environment
  • N-hydroxysuccinimide and the flavonoid, Chrysin – a chemical compound that reduces dark eye circles by eliminating the blood pigments that cause it. chrysin, a flavonoid, works together to remove the pigmentation within the dermis and epidermis of your skin. (TNS Illuminating Eye Cream, TNS Eye Repair)
  • Boron Nitride – An advanced chemical compound with uses in nanotechnology. For the skin, it feels silky and soft, and tiny crystals reflect light in such a way that it creates a sheen that brightens your skin and covers up any discoloration. (TNS Illuminating Eye Cream, TNS Eye Repair)
  • Shea Butter – An anti-inflammatory vegetable oil, as well as an antioxidant (TNS Eye Repair)
  • Stable Vitamin C – A known antioxidant (TNS Eye Repair)
  • Green tea leaf extract – An antioxidant with polyphenols (TNS Eye Repair, Uplifting Eye Serum)
  • Willow bark extract – Salicylic acid, used to reduce swelling and skin blemishes, and also as an exfoliant, helping shed dead skin and encouraging the regrowth of new skin (Uplifting Eye Serum)
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – A type of Vitamin E and an important antioxidant (TNS Eye Repair)
  • Biomized yeast extract – Helps to counteract the environmental effects of ozone (Uplifting Eye Serum)
  • Licorice Root Extract – Works to lighten and brighten skin (Uplifting Eye Serum)
  • Algae Extract – Balances moisture in the skin, mineralizes skin cells with vitamins and acts as an antioxidant (Uplifting Eye Serum)

FAQs About SkinMedica TNS Eye Creams

Q. Are these creams okay for all skin types?
A. Yes, they are.
Q. How often should you use these products for maximum results?
A. Before putting on your makeup, if any, and after cleansing your skin. Apply twice a day.
Q. How should you apply them?
A. Use a couple pumps on the back of your hand, and apply evenly. You use the back of your hand as it helps your skin there, as well.
Q. Where should you apply these creams?
A. Apply them around and under your eyes. Avoid your eyelids
Q. How long should you use these creams?
A. The company’s research has shown that optimal results are achieved in about 90 days when used twice a day.
Q. How do you use these together?
A. In the morning, first apply the Uplifting Eye Serum. Then apply the TNS Illuminating Eye Cream. Before bed, apply the Uplifting Eye Serum, then the TNS Eye Repair.


What do users have to say about SkinMedica’s eye cream?

Maxey, on Amazon, reports having great results with this product. She says that she quit using it for a while and noticed wrinkles and lines coming back. So, she started using it again and believes it works best if you use it both morning and before bed at night.

Shanon, from Truthinaging, says that she used to work at a dermatologist’s office. She loves the product (which is sold in her office), and has definitely seen results. She says a bottle should last about a month and a half, and to use a small amount twice a day. She also gave a great tip: use the back of your hands to apply it, as it will then also help your skin on your hands. She also says to beware buying it on the Internet except for explicitly authorized sites.

Mendobabe, also on Amazon, says that she is over 45 years old and that this product has worked to make her skin smoother and softer, and to restore her skin’s suppleness.

There are, of course, negative and mixed reviews …

The best mixed review I read was on Amazon, from Nugget’s Mom. Being over 40 and fair skinned, she tried it. The product works, but it’s not a miracle. Lines and wrinkles do firm up and fade, but if you don’t use it within a week, the lines slowly return again. She believes, in her experience, it will help with minor skin aging, but won’t help with major wrinkles and skin sagging. There is also a slight burning sensation when applied, not uncomfortable, and upon trying it for the first week, old skin will flake off, revealing new skin underneath.

The biggest negative reviews are that the product just doesn’t work for the price. Other negative reviews (especially on Amazon) had everything from “it didn’t work” to one reviewer who said it actually burned her skin.

These negative reviews could be due to …

Beware of Forgeries!

You can find all of SkinMedica’s products for (supposedly) half the price on other websites … but be aware that these are likely forgeries. The company has reports many fakes out there, usually on Amazon and Ebay. (Anybody can open a merchant account on Amazon to sell products.)

Even worse, a lot of the people who tried the “half price” formula had adverse allergic reactions – swollen skin, irritation and even chemical burns!

Due to these reactions, if you do decide to buy it, I would suggest to buy it directly from a licensed website or medical spa (see below), so you know you have the real deal.

The Pros & Cons

What are the good and bad points of TNS Illuminating Eye Cream?

It always helps to consider the pros and cons of a product before you purchase it. Besides preventing you from having unreal expectations of what it can do, it will also prepare you for what to expect.

The pros of this cream:

It has fantastic user reviews and testimonials, so it apparently does do what it says it will. The company is backed by a very prestigious history – the owner, practicing dermatology for 30 years, is an innovator skin rejuvenation, and has received many awards for his body of research and work.

So you know this product it isn’t some fly by night internet scam.

It has even received recognition and publicity from one of the foremost beauty publications in the United States, such as Allure magazine, the medical journal MedEsthetics, Forbes, InStyle, the New York Times and many more. The company’s products have been featured on Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Today Show and Dr. Oz.


Well … the price is a downer for many people. This stuff seems to work but prepare to pay dearly for it. A half ounce bottle for all three creams are $205 on the SkinMedica website.


This is a little on the pricey side, but on the other hand, it’s a whole lot less expensive than plastic surgery.

Other people have said that this product is very strong – the directions say twice a day, but many estheticians recommend twice a week until your skin becomes used to it.

Look For SkinMedica Products from this authorized website (You can get 5% off here, plus bonus gift sets.)

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